“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” ― Mary Ritter Beard

Ghost believes in responsible travel with the purpose of personal growth or a positive impact on the community being travelled: journeys that encourage interaction with locals, inspire us, surprise us and challenge our opinions and selves. We share with you experiences of and guides to traveling in a more meaningful way along with critical evaluations and discussions on the way we choose to travel and the impact it has.


A Photographic Journal: Rome

It was my first experience in Italy and I went armed with a 35mm camera and a sense of curiosity over the attitude to Rome as a tourist. I was interested in the way people would stand and photograph the same things and beautiful, mundane things went completely amiss.

Guide to Pushkar, India

Legend has it that Brahma (The Hindu God of Creation) wanted to protect Pushkar from demons and had to perform a yagna (a ritual of offerings) in order to do so. His wife Saraswati was not around at the time so he married some other chick, Gayatri, a gurjar girl, to offer Ahuti as part of the yagna. Saraswati, obviously pissed about her husband going and get[...]

Reaching the Sahara

Two days. Two long days of driving over roads so pot-holed that they looked like Swiss cheese. Two days of limiting my intake of liquid in order to only need to urinate in the allocated bathroom stops (which turn out to be so few that I question if everybody else needs water in order to survive). Two days of travelling from Marrakesh, Morocco as part of a pa[...]

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