The window that we look through, the that we all look through, is tainted.

We cover ourselves with the negative that is present in the world. Every person in power is seen with an eye of distrust, deception and lies. Every man on the sen as a potential threat. The clothes we wear is seen as a judge of our inner personality. Every beggar  is seen as a cheat. Every word of advice is seen with an ulterior motive.

I neither believe that these negatives do not exist, nor disrepute the harm they can do to us. I simply ask why?

The people we look at, whether in power, dominant, a person like us, or someone less endowed, is just that, a person, a human being. We are all subjected to bad experiences, but don’t we also subject these on others. Can’t another person be given the benefit of the doubt that he too can err.

I say, one day, just take of those sunglasses, the ones that darken the world around you. Clean the window that you see through, and you will peer at a different world all together. Be able to leave that judgement, that mistrust and instead love. See through a window of passion, prosperity, trust but not naivety. Look beyond mirror, and live, see this world.

Image Credit: Julia Caesar