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Artist Interview: Fiona Rutherford

It's always a privilege to meet an artist in their own studio, to see and experience the place where they work and have their materials, their tools, their books and inspirational objects. Fiona Rutherford welcomed me in her light-filled, colourful studio in Edinburgh. She is a tapestry artist, with artworks in collections all over the world, most notably in[...]

Deconstructed Rugs. Artist Interview: Faig Ahmed

You currently live in Baku, is there a big art-scene there? I can say that I work in Baku but live in different places all around the world. Baku left the USSR quite recently and it was a breath of fresh air for everybody. Sad to say, but long years of isolation has affected the art as well and it's been stuck in the 1970s and 80s. Baku is going throug[...]

Artist Interview: Ai Natori

How did you come about finding your style? What was the journey like? I’m still far off from truly finding my own style, I’m just halfway through my journey, there are still so many challenges I have yet to face and that's a really good thing. Have you experimented with other art forms? When did you decide you wanted to become an illustrator? I’ve been dr[...]

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