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Photographer Interview: Nuno Moreira

Nuno Moriera is a photographer and visual artist from Portugal. His project ZONA is a black and white photographic exploration of the human form. His images are like vivid dreams, which explore the invisible space between the body and the mind. Describe your photographic journey so far - how did you get to the stage you are at now? I'm a very visual pers[...]

No Ball Games: An Ode to the Council Estate

It’s the sort of noise dodgy electrical equipment makes in a silent room. There isn’t the damp sweet green smell that you have in the summer evenings in the country; it’s a dense, very warm and very human air. The air can be cloying and comforting, like the city that it’s produced in. It’s the smell of hot tarmac, and the creamy E-number laced taste of a scr[...]

My Gender Identity: He, She and They

A recent move to Berlin along with biological changes I have experienced since having the implant inserted in 2013, has inspired me to re-approach the notions of gender and identity. I am gender fluid and have now chosen to be addressed as a ''they' Although female assigned at birth and female biologically, I struggle to relate to the traditional, outdated[...]

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