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What do you want to be when you grow up?

All children get asked it. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” A vet. A lawyer. A dancer. A mechanic. Some ballsy kids will answer “a tree” or “a cat”. You go, kids. What do I want to be want to be when I grow up? Try happy. Fulfilled. Give this answer and the asker will retort, “no, no, what do you want to be? What job do you want?” OK, so that’s a[...]

No Ball Games: An Ode to the Council Estate

It’s the sort of noise dodgy electrical equipment makes in a silent room. There isn’t the damp sweet green smell that you have in the summer evenings in the country; it’s a dense, very warm and very human air. The air can be cloying and comforting, like the city that it’s produced in. It’s the smell of hot tarmac, and the creamy E-number laced taste of a scr[...]

Fighting for Women's Rights in Kopila Valley, Nepal

After ​senior year of high school, as her friends headed to college, eighteen year-old Maggie Doyne boarded a plane and set off to see the world with just her backpack and eyes wide open. Four countries and 20,000 miles later, she found herself trekking through the Himalayas and walking along the dirt roads of Nepal’s most poverty-stricken villages.​ ​It is [...]

Growing up Taiwan: Rotary Exchange Experiences

During that time, in junior year (at aged seventeen) when I was completely lost in this professional orientation thing, my Chinese teacher told me about Taiwan. I hadn't heard of this country before, like many other people: Taiwan (The Republic of China) is technically still a territory of China, and today, two years after my exchange, I’m still asked if I "[...]

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