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Photographer Interview: Algirdas Bakas

How did you initially decide to move to China to work? What was the process and had you visited before? Before moving to China I worked in a major photography studio in Vilnius for three good years where I learned tricks of the trade but also realised that the commercial work I was doing was not inspiring me. I wanted to explore the planet and do travel p[...]

The Married Indian: My Story of Arranged Marriage

As a young girl pursuing my college degree at one of India’s most reputed colleges in Kolkata, I was one of the few girls who continued to finish my studies. The College I attended makes the girls very eligible in the marriage market, so much so, that once the girls join the college they begin to get married off almost instantly. Slowly, within months one by[...]

Orchha– A Feast for the Senses

There was a gaping void in the door of the unreserved train carriage we had managed to force our way into and no space was available aside from the floor. The gaps to the outside world created a howling winter wind that swept past us throughout the night as we laid wrapped up in each other, shivering inside our thin summer sleeping bags and trying not to ima[...]

First Impressions of India

Coming out of the airport at 3:30am on Tuesday we were greeted by hoards of people offering taxis and people picking their families up in Mercades Benz that are charged a 100% import tax, along with rats, cockroaches and men selling chai from trolleys. Driving through Mumbai we bore witness to the extreme poverty of people living in absolute squalor juxta[...]

Guide to Pushkar, India

Legend has it that Brahma (The Hindu God of Creation) wanted to protect Pushkar from demons and had to perform a yagna (a ritual of offerings) in order to do so. His wife Saraswati was not around at the time so he married some other chick, Gayatri, a gurjar girl, to offer Ahuti as part of the yagna. Saraswati, obviously pissed about her husband going and get[...]

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