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Photographic Interview: Chiara Dondi

How do you feel today? Your biggest influences? A dream of yours? Your greatest fear? Your form of escape? A chosen superpower? Your experience of adulthood? How you deal with being lost? How would the end of the world look? What is beauty? See more of Chiara's work on her Tumblr: chiara-dondi-photo.tumblr.com

Photographer Interview: Clara Wildberger

Why do you make art and how did you get into photography? What's your story? Photography has always played a prominent role in my life for as long as I can remember. I got my first own analogue compact camera to play around with at the age of five because photography is my grandfather’s and my father’s hobby. My father documents our family events, the dai[...]

Photographer Interview: Julian Wakeling

What inspires you in photography, what are your themes? I’m inspired by city streets in sunlight: light, colour, form. The best ones are the ones that have the potential to yield the kind of images I like. It would be hard to say which comes first – the immediate appeal of the subject matter or the idea of what sort of image that can be created from it. The[...]

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