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Photographer Interview: Marco Fava

Marco Fava's photographs document the human traces left behind on Italy's natural and industrial landscape. Tell us a little about yourself and your work. I live in Piacenza, a small city in north Italy and I work as a freelance architect. I became interested in photography many years ago, but it wasn't until my university studies that my approach to ph[...]

Photographer Interview: Candace Karch

How do you think starting shooting in an era of film cameras affected your attitude towards photography? Photography is magic. I began taking photographs at an early age before I even knew that it would become my medium of choice. By the time I was in my teens I knew that the roll of film (that I struggled loading into any camera) would transform the way [...]

Film Review: Dreams of a Life (2011)

Whilst making the Dreams of a Life, Morely spent years collecting and piecing together testimonials recounted by Joyce's now guilt-ridden friends and ex-lovers. These stories describe her as being a drifter. She is portrayed as enigmatic; both the life and soul of the party, and mysterious, almost secretive all at once. Those telling the stories seemed to ha[...]

Photographer Interview: Joel Stevenett

  What are your themes in photography and what are you looking for in your exploration? I'm looking for the exotic in the prosaic, how certain discarded objects can be elevated and viewed as artistic studies in colour, texture and composition like 'Water Pipes' or the 'Sleep Patterns' series. I'm drawn to the outcast, whether it be a person, a[...]

Photographer Interview: Simon Martin

Tell us a little about yourself and your work. I live in a small town called Sittingbourne and work as a freelance photographer. What I'm interested in photographically are people's passions, I like to meet people who enjoy what they do for one reason or another, I think I feed off their interests and it satisfies my need to learn. What drew you to mini go[...]

Back to the Base. The Photography of Valerio Platania

In his series, BASE, Platania looks at the connection between people and their environment, focusing on a specific kind of urban space, that of shopping malls and industrial parkways. These non-places reveal in strong colours and prefabricated materials the dissolution of the discreet and of the chaotic potential of public spaces. Trapped in this type of ano[...]

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