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Right Time, Right Place- Candid Moments from Robert Rutöd

"Being at the right place at the right time is usually associated with happiness and success. But what happens when we are at the right place at the wrong time? Do we even know that this is the right place? And what if it turns out that it is the wrong place after all? But the right time!” Viennese photographer Robert Rutöd aims to answer these questions wi[...]

Photographer Interview: Ioana Cîrlig

Ioana Cîrlig is a twenty seven year-old Romanian photographer, whose images document the country's landscape and its people; haunted by the remnants of industrialisation. Firstly, tell us a little about yourself and what you do. I studied Cinematography in Bucharest and worked for a few years as a staff photographer for a newspaper before deciding to ded[...]

Organ Vida: A Croatian Photography Festival

For the past seven years the festival has been organized by the non-profit and NGO photography association Organ Vida which consists of a creative team of young professionals and freelancers. Their aim is to promote Croatian and international emerging and established photographers, to reflect on the medium of photography in a wider societal context through p[...]

Photographer Interview: William Lakin

Your work is a mixture of different styles. How do you define your work in a nutshell? Documentary, with a lot of artistic license. What is your working process; how do you develop your ideas? With Florida Club I just kept shooting and constantly making edits to see what was working so it just came about from trial and error really. With the pro[...]

Photographer Interview: Simon Martin

Tell us a little about yourself and your work. I live in a small town called Sittingbourne and work as a freelance photographer. What I'm interested in photographically are people's passions, I like to meet people who enjoy what they do for one reason or another, I think I feed off their interests and it satisfies my need to learn. What drew you to mini go[...]

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