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Transcending Evil

History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives. -Abba Eban (Israeli diplomat, politician and author) Probably, no nation is rich enough to pay for both war and civilisation, we must make our choice; we can't have both.  -Abraham Flexener (American Educator)  We are divided as a species and yet we hav[...]

Looking for Wonderland: American Observations

This beautiful series is made all the more enjoyable in the form a 124 page book Looking for Wonderland. Books are without a doubt one of the most satisfying ways of observing photographic work, arguably beaten only by framed archival prints. Scrutinising images on a computer screen is a far reach from the joys of touching the images in a well-produced pho[...]

Photographer Interview: Francesca Beltran

What’s your story?  Describe your practise in a nutshell. In a nutshell, I have always been obsessed with music and traveling, and my work is the result of my attempt to incorporate these two passions into my professional life. Photography has always been my way to capture the world around me and to express myself creatively but it took me a while to look a[...]

A Photographic Journal: An American Roadtrip

"Our road trip started in Banning, CA where we chased cars down the freeway to Las Vegas, NV and watched the sun rise from our hotel balcony after a trippy night in “the city of sin”. We all wore matching Hawaiian shirts and I won eighty bucks from a dollar in a slot machine. From Vegas we drove through the Hoover Dam to the Grand Canyon, AZ and stayed in t[...]

Illustrated Interview: Rosalyn Yoon

Rosalyn Yoon is our first illustrated interviewee, drawing responses to our questions rather than answering them traditionally. What’s your story? Your materials of choice? Show us ‘home’. A dream of yours? An imagined animal? What is beauty? Your greatest inspiration? Your favourite place? How to overcome a creative block? How d[...]

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