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A Photographic Journal: An American Roadtrip

"Our road trip started in Banning, CA where we chased cars down the freeway to Las Vegas, NV and watched the sun rise from our hotel balcony after a trippy night in “the city of sin”. We all wore matching Hawaiian shirts and I won eighty bucks from a dollar in a slot machine. From Vegas we drove through the Hoover Dam to the Grand Canyon, AZ and stayed in t[...]

A Photographic Journal: Roadtrip through Scotland

Two weeks before we were due back at uni - at the end of our last summer before being out in the ‘real world’ - I got a text from a friend. “Let’s drive to Scotland.” So I phoned the only other person I knew who was bored, jobless and responsibility-less, and the next day the three of us squashed ourselves into Jack’s Citroen Saxo, armed with Pot Noodles, sl[...]

A Photographic Journal: Rome

It was my first experience in Italy and I went armed with a 35mm camera and a sense of curiosity over the attitude to Rome as a tourist. I was interested in the way people would stand and photograph the same things and beautiful, mundane things went completely amiss.

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