More alternate reality than science fiction, The Future for Curious People unites comedy with romance in a tale of destiny vs design. Evelyn is a librarian who, in her spare time, volunteers to record classic novels for the visually impaired. Minor detail that she converts the sad endings to happy ones. Charlotte the spider, Anna Karenina and Mme Bovary all manage to evade death. A labeler at the Department of Unclaimed Goods, Godfrey wants to marry his tyrannical, but highly comical-when-angry girlfriend, Madge. Evelyn and Godfrey meet in the waiting room of Dr. Chin, an “envisionist”. Using newly developed technology, the shady doctor produces a film of the client and his/her current partner in the future. In her search for a happy ending of her own, Evelyn has become a regular at the clinic. First-timer Godfrey is there at the insistence of his fiancée. For a few moments, their present day paths cross. Focused as Evelyn and Godfrey are on future bliss, they are blind to the qualities of the potential spouse sitting across from them.

Throw in a kleptomaniac bestie, a homeless woman dyeing her hair in the library’s restroom and scenes from the life of a truly awful yet hilarious parallel couple and you have some idea of what to expect from The Future for Curious People. Debut novelist Gregory Sherl takes quirkiness to its outer limits with irresistible charm in this futuristic comedy of manners.