Copenhagen on the Cheap

Before my friend and I decided to visit Copenhagen, Denmark we looked into costs and decided we could just about manage a four day trip. "I'm literally packing pasta", my friend said, "because the blog I read said you couldn't get a sandwich for less than £20". A colleague at work told me alcohol was ridiculously expensive, and if we wanted to drink we ough[...]

Creativity Has to Find You Working

I would consider myself a ‘creative’ person, but then again, wouldn't everyone? We’re all born into this world, with minimal understanding of our limits, using our full heart and being our free and unapologetic selves. It’s only over time we learn that editing out the bad and keeping only ‘good’ things is the acceptable thing to do. What we don’t learn is, w[...]

Transcending Evil

History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives. -Abba Eban (Israeli diplomat, politician and author) Probably, no nation is rich enough to pay for both war and civilisation, we must make our choice; we can't have both.  -Abraham Flexener (American Educator)  We are divided as a species and yet we hav[...]

Vacation in Rogince

Rigonce and what I saw there will never, never leave my mind. The smell of burning plastic and my scarf wrapped around my mouth so I don't breathe in the poison they are keeping themselves warm with. Lost dignity of people I saw shitting next to the road in the dark. The dark road from the bridge next to the Croatian side, foggy as if I were entering a horro[...]

Photographer Interview: Tereza Červeňová

Tereza Červeňová is a Slovakian photographer, based in London. Her intimate photographs focus on the narrative of an image and how the layout of the photograph can help to pull together or invent meanings. What is your working process? During my editing process I work with many images and their layout. I try to see how they work together and how they r[...]

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