When your dreams come true, your true has moved.

It’s been twenty years since the Breakdown. When the fungus turned everyone in its path into hungries who literally ate civilisation. Some thirty miles north of London, a fortified base operated by a skeleton staff is the site of a small, jury-rigged laboratory and a classroom. Here Dr. Caroline Caldwell obsessively researches the pathogen hoping to find its off button and Helen Justineau teaches a small classroom of unique children. One of these children is Melanie. She says her name means “the black girl”. Melanie is a special girl, the girl with all the gifts.

The Girl With All the Gifts takes the zombie genre to the heights of a new mythology. It is at once a thriller, a love story and an apocalypse paradigm shift. I couldn’t put it down. As the book jacket proclaims, M. R. Carey has written the most original book you will read this year.