“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

Music Interview: Classical Composer Hannah Kendall

We arrived at Hannah’s home in South London, where she warmly welcomed us in and asked if we had trouble finding it. “You could interview loads of people around here,” she told me, and went on to explain how Hither Green had become a hub of artists and musicians all living within a one mile radius of each other. Like us, she had also found South London to be[...]

Music Recommendation: ABRA "U Kno"

London-born, Atlanta-raised singer-songwriter/producer ABRA has a beautifully DIY approach to her music, with everything that she has released feeling like truly personal product. The first offering from the album ‘Roses’, provided the kind of track that you can relentlessly bounce around your living room to in your pyjamas for at least five hours, dismissin[...]

Film Review: Amy (2015)

Amy, like Senna, is another tremendously involving piece of screen storytelling, in which Kapadia pieces together a narrative as thoroughly compelling as any fiction film could ever hope to be. It’s slightly less deifying in its approach to its subject, which is refreshing to see, especially as it deals with history recent enough for people watching it now[...]

The Sound of Mali: Nahawa Doumbia (1982)

Nahawa Doumbia is one of the most popular singers from the Wassoulou region in South Mali. She speaks to the younger generation of West Africa through her lyrics about love, the position of women in Malian society, and the plight of the African refugees in France. Her voice soars over traditional instruments (bala, kamele ngoni, and jembe) along with bass an[...]

The Last Days of Winter: A Playlist

If, like me, you're cooped up inside all day, you're wishing it was summer, or Seasonally Affected Disorder is rearing it's ugly head; let this playlist act as some faux-Vitamin-D. Listen to these tracks and pretend it's warm outside. Call it a sun dance if you will. Hello - The Cat Empire Folding Chair - Regina Spektor July - Natty Sittin' on the[...]

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