London-born, Atlanta-raised singer-songwriter/producer ABRA has a beautifully DIY approach to her music, with everything that she has released feeling like truly personal product. The first offering from the album ‘Roses’, provided the kind of track that you can relentlessly bounce around your living room to in your pyjamas for at least five hours, dismissing the possibility that there maybe any other track in the world that you would ever want to listen to. Its lo-fi disco meets RnB siren seductiveness with its refrain “I’m young and I’ll waste you away” made me do just that. Of course five hours of jumping on the same spot and rolling around on the sofa can take a toll on the ol’ ankles, so with ‘U Kno’ ABRA has provided us with a come-down track of sorts.

ABRA describes the track in characteristically whimisical-yet-macbre fashion on her Soundcloud as ‘succubus wave’. And although ‘U Kno’ features the similarly minimalist soundscape that ‘Roses’ and the rest of her output are concerned with, here it is far less easy to dismiss the often dark lyrical choices that ABRA makes that are usually hidden beneath an up-tempo bassline heard on other tracks. The video features ABRA running her pink-taloned fingers over the head and face of an emotionally-void bald young man and staring at her mirror-image whilst combing her hair in a robotically sensual way, whilst cooing in an angelic vocal: “Baby I don’t want to hide/ I don’t want to be that sweet tonight’. It’s bizarre, it’s alluring, and it makes me want to be that guy getting the head rub.