Despite radical changes in the way we, as a society, treat women, there is still a long way to go before we fully accept and accommodate working mothers.

Artists especially are deeply impacted by becoming parents, as their lives outside of ‘work’ has far more of a direct impact on said work. Their experiences in life, in relationships, the places they visit, they all become inspiration for the art they are producing, and for female artists motherhood is a large part of that.

Earlier in the year musician Amanda Palmer received a letter from a self-proclaimed “fan” declaring that Palmer’s recently announced pregnancy would hinder her art, and that Palmer was scamming supporters out of money by using that money to fund her motherhood, stating “Are your patrons paying for new music, or are they paying for a new baby?” Palmer responded courageously during a live recording of BBC’s Four Thought which can be listened to below.

If you’d prefer to read, rather than listen, she wrote something very similar to the audio on Medium, where you can also read the entire letter she received from the “fan”.

Image Credit: DeSha Metschke