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This beautiful series is made all the more enjoyable in the form a 124 page book Looking for Wonderland. Books are without a doubt one of the most satisfying ways of observing photographic work, arguably beaten only by framed archival prints. Scrutinising images on a computer screen is a far reach from the joys of touching the images in a well-produced photography book.

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Looking for Wonderland is a book that definitely delivers in this aspect. It’s quite clearly a well-considered publication, with attention paid to both the photographic work and accompanying written story, and the quality of the book itself makes it a beautiful addition to any collection. The thick, matt pages compliment the prints in faded tones, and the embedded cardboard slipcase also includes a DVD with a 34 minute film, elaborating on the trip, in both German and English.

Well-juxtaposed images compliment each other with use of similar colours, and an effective use of white space encourages a longer look at the contrasting images of swamps, bibles and bins, creating a more apparent beauty in the mundane. Richard Tooke writes in his foreword “…his photographs speak through [his] own voice: straightforward, uncompromising and clear”

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