“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” ― Annie Dillard

The life section covers all aspects of actual living as well as accounts of inspiring stories of perseverance and a look into the workings of our mind and the effect it has on our perspective.


The Married Indian: My Story of Arranged Marriage

As a young girl pursuing my college degree at one of India’s most reputed colleges in Kolkata, I was one of the few girls who continued to finish my studies. The College I attended makes the girls very eligible in the marriage market, so much so, that once the girls join the college they begin to get married off almost instantly. Slowly, within months one by[...]

My Gender Identity: He, She and They

A recent move to Berlin along with biological changes I have experienced since having the implant inserted in 2013, has inspired me to re-approach the notions of gender and identity. I am gender fluid and have now chosen to be addressed as a ''they' Although female assigned at birth and female biologically, I struggle to relate to the traditional, outdated[...]

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