France ditched the use of the burqa in 2011 in public places; the main argument supporting this proposal was the fact that face-coverings prevent the identification of a person, which is both a security risk as well as an implied limitation within a society which relies on facial recognition and expression for communicating. However, the underlining and frankly the most spectacular reason is that women are still treated with a one dimensional, culturally unprivileged approach, often based on religion (for instance).

Most societies live in a patriarchal era where the women is seen as the seed of all the evil and the men cannot be judge by the impulses that God gave them but a women should be taught how to ‘behave’ so she won’t attract too much temptation.

In more sexist countries, in places where the society is considered modern, many rapes still go unreported because the routine of an investigator’s questionnaire consists of asking the victim leading question such as: were you being suggestive or were you wearing provocative clothes?

In 2012 Chad Evans, a footballer was convicted of raping a nineteen year old. She was caught on CCTV clearly too drunk to legally consent to sex. Unsurprisingly the public reactions favoured Evans and across social media supporters of the celebrity declared that he was a famous footballer and could fuck whoever he wanted. Other women seemed also suspicious of the accusation, for them it seemed unlikely that Chad had to force her into a sexual act, as he in his position would be very desirable.

A man in his forties is considered young and excused from irresponsible behavior, a women in her thirties is given social warnings of ‘getting old’. A girl at the age of eighteen is expected to be mature whilst a man of the same age is probably still allowed to ask his parents for money to buy a PlayStation.

The most intrusive mathematical question in the word is how many different people have you had sex with? For women it doesn’t matter how old she is. Five is acceptable to maintain a marrieable reputation and more than ten you are a slut. On the other hand for men twenty-five sexual partners is an average but to be more precise over fifty is more accurate (thirty of them were on a single holiday). The conclusion is that someone (for fair reasons) is being insincere otherwise who are all this women that man are having sex with if all of us only had around five partners our entire life? This could be a joke, but fundamentally it is not, just another unrealistic pressure in the sexes in a way that it is practically a war to find balance.

A women in a burqa is ridiculed for not being able to fight an archaic tradition and exercise her rights but paradoxically another women is mocked for going topless if her shape is not close to perfection.

A young girl is oppressed into covering her face so she wont tempt a man and another is equally troubled into getting facial medical procedures to prevent her features from remaining ‘disappointing’.

The world seems to be designed to be an emotional purgatory where according to its rules you just can’t win. Girls are bought up to be competitive in aspects that don’t really matter and instead of fighting for relief of pressure they respond to it.

Freedom is not supposed to be a place where you have to reach or an agenda that you have to accomplish but a mental state that comes from within.

You can cover your real self with a piece of fabric or layers of make up if you wish as many of us find great freedom of expression in our appearance to the world but your external shall always be a reflection of who you are inside and the decision of being who you want to be is down to no one but you. You will be  free when you perceive yourself as free.

Image Credit: AfghanistanMatters