On 2nd September an image of three year old Aylan Kurdi washed up dead in a beach in Turkey after the boat he was travelling on with his family capsized was published online and caused huge international uproar. The response was astounding, and despite how the Syrian Civil War began in 2011, that image alone was enough to shock people into action.

A simple photograph has changed the world.

Unfortunately what has also presented itself from the back of that horrific death (and the death of hundreds of thousands more) is the emergence of ignorance, prompting some to encourage the Government to close our borders, turn away refugees and protect “our own”.

A few weeks ago, whilst writing about The Dehumanisation of Statistics, I decided that telling individual stories is important. One boy’s death was enough to trigger the reaction the scores of deaths before him should have created. Rather than wait for somebody else to do this, we at Ghost have teamed up with Deadbeat Films and a small team of passionate, dedicated film makers to create a sensitive, ambivalent and poetic film to share the stories of three people currently living in the Jungle Camp in Calais.

Rather than take a biased approach to muster sympathy we will let the audience form their own opinions of the situation and of the story tellers themselves by sharing chapters of their lives juxtaposed alongside each other.

This film is a documentary, but with a difference. Rather than it becoming a traditional ‘talking heads’ format documentary we are aiming to create a documentary that is more similar to a short cinematic film in its own right. We will be sensitive to the needs of the refugees and migrants to stay anonymous.

This project will be entirely self-funded, with no commercial input or sponsorship but in order to make the best quality film we can, we’ve opened up a Crowdfunding page to help cover some of the costs of equipment hire, transport, accommodation and more. Alongside funding for the film 50% of the money donated will go directly to l’Auberge de Migrants, an independent charity that has been working on the ground in the Jungle Camp in Calais for a number of years.

After being inundated with donations they are more in need of financial contribution than ever as they are of key-importance in the camp, undertaking a number of important tasks as large international charities won’t offer aid when the Jungle is technically seen as illegal. They co-ordinate volunteers, distribute goods and help provide food, clothing and shelter to members of the camp.

Our costs will be totally transparent and available to see at a later date.

We will be sharing our experiences and stories from within the camp here on Ghost along with the final film once completed. We will provide special thanks to all those who donate over £50.

If you’re interested in donating please see our JustGiving page at: crowdfunding.justgiving.com/calais-film

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or support or for a copy of our film treatment.
Image Credit: Giulio Piscitelli