“Film as dream, film as music. No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.” ― Ingmar Bergman

Film Review : The Babadook

Plot The plot reads fairly simple on page, but it is not that way on screen. A young boy Sam is haunted by an imaginary monster, The Babadook, and his growing belief in this creature causes a strain on his relationship with his mother. Without spoiling the film The Babadook is anything but simple, this film harkens the mood and tone of Stanley Kub[...]

The Mission (1986) Film Review

Gabriel does a tremendous job and has a real sense of love for the tribes people. Everything seems to be going right until, alas, there's always a conflict as we know. The Spanish church, under pressure from the Philippines need to cede the land where the Paraguayan Indians thrive in. That land is everything they know and love which would tear them apart if [...]

The Art of Film Part 1: Sequels, Remakes, and Franchises

Film is arguably one of the most ultimate forms of art; it involves the melding of visual and audio stimulus to evoke an emotional response from the audience. However, with the recent surge in franchises, sequels, and remakes I wonder if big-wig studios are even interested in making art. In the past five years remakes and sequels such as Alice in Won[...]

Ida by Pawel Pawlikowski. The Weight of Choices

Anna is a novice in a Catholic monastery in the Poland of the 1960s. Before taking her vows, she is requested by her Mother Superior to visit her only living relative, Aunt Wanda, a socialite and former member of the Communist intelligentsia. In what seems like a journey of initiation, Anna’s travels outside the confines of the monastery are paralleled by a [...]

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