“Film as dream, film as music. No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.” ― Ingmar Bergman

Film Review: Dreams of a Life (2011)

Whilst making the Dreams of a Life, Morely spent years collecting and piecing together testimonials recounted by Joyce's now guilt-ridden friends and ex-lovers. These stories describe her as being a drifter. She is portrayed as enigmatic; both the life and soul of the party, and mysterious, almost secretive all at once. Those telling the stories seemed to ha[...]

The Puppeteer and the Activist: A New York Friendship

Ricky Syers is a musician and puppeteer who states he used to live his life as an artist on the side, but after realising his true calling was creating beautiful and complex marionettes, began pursuing his passions permanently. A few years ago Ricky went to Washington Square Park to perform with his hand-made marionettes where he met former journalist and la[...]

Film Review: Amy (2015)

Amy, like Senna, is another tremendously involving piece of screen storytelling, in which Kapadia pieces together a narrative as thoroughly compelling as any fiction film could ever hope to be. It’s slightly less deifying in its approach to its subject, which is refreshing to see, especially as it deals with history recent enough for people watching it now[...]

Whang-Od: The Last Kalinga Tattoo Maker

Most of Whang Od's clients are tourists, and she uses the money to buy more pigs and chickens for herself and her family. She states "happiness to me is being able to live up to 100 years making tattoos. I’m delighted of having people from all over the world coming to my home to visit and get a tattoo from me; this gives meaning to my life” See the video an[...]

Ice Cream: An experimental journey into the Mexican unknown

"There's a gringo in town who's delivering icy hot vibes… Silhouetted by a monolithic mansion with rolling waves of pleasure. High atop El Patron a girl sits lost, lonely, and bewildered. Beyond the horizon a maiden approaches. Their union is imminent, reborn within another. Together, the journey begins…. ahhh… que' linda." Follow Globe on Twitter: @globe[...]

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