Immediately the meal begins. I am quite nervous about being here, but that definitely doesn’t stop me from eating. The only way to differentiate my food is through smell. And each dish smells and tastes brilliant. I eat some of everything- the soup, the roasted vegetables, the juicy meat, the crisp greens, creamy cheese and warm bread. Each dish is bought in by a waiter in perfect sequence. The entire meal is like a smooth dance and the experience like a ball. I use soft napkins, and delicate cutlery. But I cannot shake the question, why have I been brought here today?

The last course is being served. Our plates taken away and new ones laid in front. The smell of chocolate cake wafts to me. Having been enamored by the food, I did not pay attention to the conversation and did not even realise that my company now sits on the floor. I can feel his breath quicken and his body tighten. I ask what has happened. His reply is with an opening of a box and a question. My hand in marriage.

In utter shock, I stumble for an answer. The boy I knew, now transforms to be a man in my eyes. I can only nod an assent. He puts a ring on my finger. And I finally feel what all women talk about, a diamond. They always call it beautiful, and a symbol of love, but when I feel it, I only feel something cold and hard. This cannot be our symbol of love. He is by my side again. And now I am led outside through another door. He tells me that I am beautiful and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. And all that I can tell him, is that I wish the same. Being blind from birth I may not be able to see him, but I can feel his beauty. He emanates an aura that proves loyalty, kindness, wisdom and love. He finds light even inside me and makes me see the world through his eyes. I am finally in that kind of love that endures a lifetime, where we create our own infinity and know that our reality is better than our dreams. Our Bond is our own symbol of love.

Image Credit: Leeroy