I would consider myself a ‘creative’ person, but then again, wouldn’t everyone? We’re all born into this world, with minimal understanding of our limits, using our full heart and being our free and unapologetic selves. It’s only over time we learn that editing out the bad and keeping only ‘good’ things is the acceptable thing to do. What we don’t learn is, we are prohibited by ‘good’ things, where we lack depth and beauty in our imperfection. The darkness is where our unlimited growth lives and where our treasure dwells.

Inside Out

Many of Carl Jung’s study discusses the ‘human shadow’. According to Jung, the persona defines what we would like to be and how we wish to be seen by the world. The word “persona” derives from the Latin word meaning “mask”. In a life time, we wear many masks; in my own life, I was a young child, I was happy, I was heartbroken, I was lost and now I am an adult. These physical manifestations reflected my life internally. Creativity is a form of freedom, releasing us from these personas and physical constraints. When we create, we become larger than life and thus, it’s important to express what it is you feel you are. But first, we have to become aware of our dark place and understand how it’s repressed. If we neglect to do so, negative emotions will form an aggressive demon and unleash itself onto the world. This is how you find violence. It starts from inside and projects out.

I can’t express it simpler, when you know yourself, the world becomes this playground of possibilities. You are this unlimited energy and you can do anything.

Just start

In life, most people wait for their situation to be correct, until they act towards creative pursuits. Unknowingly, life with money that comes and goes, with a body that changes and a mind limited to a situation. Your mind can’t fathom what you will be. You just have this sense, this feeling and it’s attracting you to the unknown. A feeling that gets you thinking “this is not my life” or “I’m meant for greater things” and guess what… you are. It’s daunting at first, we’re programmed for comfort, to staying the same and never leave the nest. But stagnating is a form a death and an unhealthy way of life. If you don’t use your mind as a creative tool, it will spiral you down into negative thinking and determine your worth and we are own worst critics. To eliminate this, just start, just do.

The more action involved, the less critical thinking and the more neurons connecting in your brain. To basically prove that you are badass as fuck (excuse the cussing – but seriously).

Here’s simple ways to help you start:

1. Get physical, stretch, walk outside, climb a tree, run.
2. Breathe.
3. Stream consciousness. Get a blank piece of paper, scribble out the first thing you think of. Make a mind-map.
4. Talk to people who inspire you. Alternatively, search for people (on the web or in real life) who inspire you to create, then CREATE.
5. Only see possibilities.

Matters of Flow

I spend four hours a day in meditation. Everyday, it’s becoming increasingly apparent to me, that purpose and life is made from energy that flows. You are unlimited energy. When you’re with your friends, there are no scripts, you allow the conversation to arrive to its own accord and it flows. The most creative ideas I’ve ever had, came out when I had no time to look at or structure to follow. I had no script. I just allowed energy to manifest into a tangible and physical thing. Creativity has to find you working. The longer you stay in the room and stick with an idea, or flow with many ideas, the bigger and bolder these ideas become. I can’t tell you the details, because I can’t even imagine your potential. It’s priceless and it’s limitless and it’s yours.

So, I invite you to understand your worth. To work like a boss. To use time and money as tools and not let it define you. Be all that you love. Love with all your heart, be all that you are and never, under any circumstance, let anything or anyone stop you.

You are truly amazing and I love you.

Image Credit: Joanna Kosinska