Author archives: Ibrahim Butt

Film Review: Marshland (2014)

Set in Spain in 1980, the sixth feature from director Alberto Rodriguez chronicles the arrival in rural Andalusia of two detectives from Madrid in search of a couple of missing girls. From there the film grows into something larger, darker, and endlessly riveting. Marshland, known by its Spanish title "La Isla Minima" is a film that should (deservedly) fit [...]

Film Review: Amy (2015)

Amy, like Senna, is another tremendously involving piece of screen storytelling, in which Kapadia pieces together a narrative as thoroughly compelling as any fiction film could ever hope to be. It’s slightly less deifying in its approach to its subject, which is refreshing to see, especially as it deals with history recent enough for people watching it now[...]

Film Review: Phoenix (2014)

Phoenix tells the tale of Nelly (Petzold's regular collaborator, the great Nina Hoss) in need of facial reconstruction surgery following her stay in a concentration camp in the dying days of World War II. Upon her return to Berlin, this phoenix risen from the ashes goes in search of the husband she continues to carry a torch for. To say anything further woul[...]

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