Author archives: Ethan Price

What Even is Authenticity in 2015?

Trying to achieve any sense of being an individual in the 21st century can be a mine-field of accidental pretension, appropriation and the avoidance of stereotype. Is it even possible to be an ‘authentic’ person in the modern world? What even is an ‘authentic’ self? We live in a world that is preoccupied with the presentation of a self that attempts to retai[...]

Music Recommendation: ABRA "U Kno"

London-born, Atlanta-raised singer-songwriter/producer ABRA has a beautifully DIY approach to her music, with everything that she has released feeling like truly personal product. The first offering from the album ‘Roses’, provided the kind of track that you can relentlessly bounce around your living room to in your pyjamas for at least five hours, dismissin[...]

No Ball Games: An Ode to the Council Estate

It’s the sort of noise dodgy electrical equipment makes in a silent room. There isn’t the damp sweet green smell that you have in the summer evenings in the country; it’s a dense, very warm and very human air. The air can be cloying and comforting, like the city that it’s produced in. It’s the smell of hot tarmac, and the creamy E-number laced taste of a scr[...]

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