“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.” ― Émile Zola

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Arts covers the common ways we choose to express ourselves including photography, music, film, literature and other art forms. Content covering projects within the arts, critical evaluations, exhibition reviews, conversations with artists and advice for those pursuing art as a career or as simple art enthusiasts.


Creativity Has to Find You Working

I would consider myself a ‘creative’ person, but then again, wouldn't everyone? We’re all born into this world, with minimal understanding of our limits, using our full heart and being our free and unapologetic selves. It’s only over time we learn that editing out the bad and keeping only ‘good’ things is the acceptable thing to do. What we don’t learn is, w[...]

Photographer Interview: Tereza Červeňová

Tereza Červeňová is a Slovakian photographer, based in London. Her intimate photographs focus on the narrative of an image and how the layout of the photograph can help to pull together or invent meanings. What is your working process? During my editing process I work with many images and their layout. I try to see how they work together and how they r[...]

Film Review: Finsterworld (2013)

Finsterworld is a strange film that can hold its own, but uses a plot device that many have seen before. I wonder where you draw the line of comparisons of movies when using these techniques? It would be understandable if they were using the same subject matter, or even set in the same country, or creating the same vibe, but just because it uses multiple sto[...]

Film Review: Brotherhood: Taegukgi (2004)

"Brotherhood: Taegukgi” shows the horrendous events that took place on the front line during the Korean War. Spawned out of Cold War tensions, divisions created post-World War II and included three of the worlds military heavyweights (US, Russia & China), this was a brutal, unforgiving and costly war. Just under 200,000 died in total, and over 500,000 wo[...]

Photographer Interview: Bärbel Praun

Bärbel Praun is a German photographer who lives everywhere yet nowhere, as she describes herself. Her photography moves between monumental landscapes which question our interactions and attitudes to nature and tourism, and small, intimate details of places and objects, a visual research and constant questioning of the notions of home and memories. How d[...]

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