“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”― Pablo Picasso

Wastelands: Contemporary Chinese Art in Oxford

Wastelands is a contemporary Chinese art exhibition of installation, painting, sculpture and film presenting the works of eight artists who all have links to China. The exhibition explores the idea of ‘waste’ as a result of consumption through different landscapes and materials. Ranging from the ‘aesthetic debris’ in the work of Cai Yuan’s cardboard paintin[...]

Ciclotrama: Organic Forms in Rope

Brazil-based artists Janiana Mello and Daniel Landini began their series of installations called Ciclotrama in 2010; beautiful art installations consisting of unwound ropes attached to walls and canvases that twist and unwind into organic forms illustrating the passage of time. The structures start as thick root-like objects and trail off, becoming more deli[...]

Illustrated Interview: Dana Martin

Your morning routine? What did you want to be when you were younger? Your favourite books? Your last fancy dress outfit? A dream of yours? Can you knit or crochet? How do you overcome a creative block? The most challenging part of your journey? Your biggest fear? What do you do to relax? See more of Dana's work at: da[...]

Jerry Saltz' Advice for Artists

1. Go to an art school that doesn’t cost too much. Those who go to Yale and Columbia might get a nine-month career bump right after graduation, but you’ll all be back on the same level in a year, and you won’t be in as much debt. 2. Envy will eat you alive. 3. Stay up late with each other after all the professors go to sleep. Support one another. 4.[...]

Illustrated Interview: Dashiell Silva

How do you respond to criticism? If I'm not careful, I withdraw and set up fortifications. Why do you make art? I'm not a member of the peerage who can speak in pure code. Nobody would employ me. A self portrait? If you could be any animal? A bowerbird, obviously. I'm fairly dowdy but possessed of a flair for obsessive collecting and appealing [...]

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