“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”― Pablo Picasso

Rainbow Neighbourhood Graffiti- Urban Renewal in Mexico

Two-hundred and nine homes in the district of Palmitas in Parchuca, Mexico, have recently had a touch of paint when the Mexican Government commissioned local street artists, “German Crew” to beautify the neighbourhood. The facades of the homes were almost begging for some colour, and the project was created to bring not only a visual, but also a social tran[...]

Artist Interview: Fiona Rutherford

It's always a privilege to meet an artist in their own studio, to see and experience the place where they work and have their materials, their tools, their books and inspirational objects. Fiona Rutherford welcomed me in her light-filled, colourful studio in Edinburgh. She is a tapestry artist, with artworks in collections all over the world, most notably in[...]

Washington's Giant Indoor Ball Pit

Brooklyn-based studio Snarkitecture, created the 10,000 square foot (930 square meters) using nearly a million recyclable translucent plastic balls. The studio wanted to reimagine the possibilities of materials, encourage exploration and do something a bit more unusual and memorable for visitors to experience. Typical to their monochrome style, The Beach is [...]

Henri Rousseau: A Brief Introduction

Rousseau was born in 1844 in Laval, France and lead a seemingly normal life until he took up painting seriously in his early forties. It wasn't until he was forty-nine that he retired from his job as a toll collector to become a full time artist. Far from being the respected artist he has become today, he was attacked constantly by critics who denounced his [...]

Illustrated Interview: Layla Holzer

How do you feel today? Your proudest moment? Your greatest fear? Something you couldn’t live without? Your form of escape? Your experience of adulthood? How do you overcome a creative block? A world without humans? What is love? Your future plans? See more of Layla's work at:

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